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Wendy Turner - Traveling Shaman

Wendy was born remembering her past lives. She has been blessed in this life with gifts and with talented teachers that mentored her from a young age, and has been giving psychic readings and healing to others for 32 years. A well-traveled Colorado native, she understands that life takes different paths for different people, and many say speaking with her is like talking to a longtime family friend. She is truly delighted to assist others to build the life that they want and affect any change they want!

Her specialties include: Medical intuitive readings, deep Healing at ALL levels utilizing a vast array of skills, Speaking with the Body and receiving accurate Answers about what it needs to heal and what is concerning it, Past life readings and any needed clearings, Akashic record contract readings, and Answers to current questions a person may have about their life and the world. Other talents are: Reflexology, Reiki, Massage, Seichim Tibetan energy work, Feather Way healing, Shamanic illness removal, and simple Vedic astrology. She teaches and writes books about Reflexology, as well as Face and Foot Reading for Health, Personality, and Life Flow.

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