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We’re all a little bit like icebergs; most of what we feel comes from long-lost emotions that are buried in our subconscious mind which makes up seven-eighths of our total cognitive world – with only one-eighth found in the surface conscious mind. So it takes some deep work – either through visualisation or shamanic journeying  – to find our own buried woundedness.

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The Artist as Shaman

“In the mythic tradition, both artists and shamans walk perilously close to the realm of madness; indeed, in some cases, their gifts specifically come from journeying into madness, or Faerie, or the Realm of the Gods and then back again.” 

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The Role of Art in Shamanism

By Visionary Artist and Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

 As an artist, and shamanic practitioner, I have been interested in the healing powers of art for some time now. Growing up as an artist, I had no idea of the power of art, I just loved to create and replicate. As time has passed and I have grown older I have experienced art as a doorway to healing, and awakening consciousness. And as I stepped onto the shamanic pathway, I began to see how shamanic cultures throughout time have understood the deep healing power of art, and its capacity to express the wisdom of the soul, as well as bring healing to the mind, body and spirit.

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