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Julia holds an MA in psychology and specializes in cannabis assisted art therapy. Julia loves flowers, teacher plants & people and facilitates cannabis meditations regularly in Colorado to support harmony between humans and the plant kingdom. ******************************************************************************************************************* Julia is also a shamanic artist who creates meditation paintings and other art work including altars and collages - her paintings are generally as a result of meditation with plants and are of plants. ********************************************************************************************************************* Julia facilitates a cannabis meditation ceremony each month and offers Painting as Meditation as a mentorship. If you are interested in a mentorship, contact Julia as she works on paintings with only one person every six months.

About My Work

Julia Widdop is the events & patron coordinator for the Traveling Shamans. Julia is currently seeking Shamans along with their assistants and/or patrons to travel to areas in need of shamanic services. A cannabis meditation ceremony is held each month in Grand Junction, CO and we would be happy to host out-of-town shaman patrons at the Happy Hippie House for these events. Call Julia with any questions at 970-200-LOVE, or book a webcam visit at: http://VisitwithJulia.com.

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