The Traveling Shamans is a group of shamanic practitioners each of whom has agreed to travel to culturally isolated areas to provide ceremony and/or shamanic services to those who need and want them.  

The host community agrees to provide a venue, lodging, meals and advance publicity to the shamans in exchange for the traveling shaman  providing a free program or ceremony to the host community.

The shaman of course receives any gifts or offerings from attendees. In many cases the shaman also provides private sessions the day after the main program for which he/she may charge or barter.

Julia Widdop provides publicity and promotion for events. We are also seeking Patrons for Traveling Shamans who are willing to support the promotional efforts and/or the transportation for the shamans from their homes to sponsor communities

Host communities - book a meeting with Julia to discuss possible hosting of a Traveling Shaman.

The Traveling Shaman:

* You agree to travel to Colorado or some other sponsored location  to present your program or ceremony. If we do have a host community but no sponsor for travel, you will be asked to travel at your own expense. 

Traveling Shamans Receive:

  • Promotion and event planning for your program or ceremony - includes a promotional video interview
  • A venue for presenting your ceremony or program.
  • Lodging and meals for your team while on location for your program.
  • Coordination of private sessions while on location
  • Shamans are eligible to upload ads and create special interest groups to connect with your folloers on the Shamanic Arts website.
  • A one-year ad in the shaman's ad slideshow on main page.
  • Access to the Patrons & Shamans Only area of this website
  • Shamanic Practitioners interested in traveling to areas that need and want your services, please book a meeting with Julia about your services and availability.

Patrons for Traveling Shamans

Help support the Traveling Shamans by becoming a patron for as little as $5 per month. You will receive invitations and free tickets to patron events such as the monthly Cannabis Meditation Ceremony, access to the patrons only area on the website, and a clickable ad on the patrons slide show. To see the all the benefits of being a patron go to:

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