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Shamanic Cannabis Ceremony

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    The spiritual use of cannabis has a long and ancient history which we honor and support. This Cannabis Ceremony has the intent of opening you to higher levels of thought. Register for follow-up instructions.  The meditation will be held at a…

  • Organized By: Julia Widdop

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A Call for Shamans

The Patrons of Traveling Shamans community of Grand Junction, Colorado, USA has put out a call for shamans to provide ceremony for that area.

The people of the area are isolated from the eastern part of Colorado and from the remaining US by the very peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Travel in the winter remains difficult. Airports and highways close because of ice and snow.

Spiritually, the people of the area are isolated first by the remaining effects of colonization during the establishment of the US and secondly, by the effects of the exploitation of uranium, natural gas and coal in the area later.

"We, the common people, are now asking and calling for healing and ceremony for this area. If you can come here physical form, I will honor and support you with lodging, meals and any other support I can provide. If you can not come here in person - then I humbly ask for mention of us in healing ceremony." Julia Widdop

Don't Miss Chireya Fox on Spiritual Connnection & Psychic Empowerment

If you missed Fox's program for the Shamanic Arts Studio on September 19th you missed a lively discussion about the Nature of Reality from the multi-dimensional perspective, and how this relates to our Divine Spiritual Connection, ability to self-navigate and intuit decisions correctly, and keep our energy clean. Check out the recorded show at: YouTube.com/JuliaWiddop.

 Chireya shared a spiritual and psychic empowerment exercise which will allow listeners to differentiate their personal energies from others’ energies, and be more empowered in their awareness of multidimensional holographic information streams.

Awareness of the necessity to clear old programs from the subconscious mind has become more mainstream in recent years. Even science is backing up our connection to a Higher Consciousness. Why is it that we can more powerfully navigate life by directly interacting with our High Self? Chireya shares that this is much easier than it seems ~ though there are some important things to know which will help people achieve successful with it.

Discover why some things clear easily and why others are difficult or impossible to clear, and what to do about it. If listeners have been baffled by repeating patterns in relationships, money and finances, career, friendships or any area of life that has been tough, Chireya will share a powerful ancient-modern wisdom tool that will set listeners on the path of relief.

Chireya has been studying, practicing and directly receiving tools, techniques and information that helps us cut through the detritus and debris of the race mind and our own subconscious blockages for over 30 years. She has developed her own blend of spiritual and energetic clearing from her many experiences as a dedicated practitioner of Soul Clearing, Energetic Healing,  the Cure / Immunics, the Recalibrations Process, the Celestial Rays, Ho’Opono’Pono, and other techniques which involve the knowledge of spiritual detective work, multi-dimensional holographic reality surfing, and the enhancement of clients’ clairvoyant and self healing abilities.

Some of the things people report from receiving this work are as follows:

"Chireya will assist you in releasing old programs and karmic cords that bind you to the past and to people or energies that are unconsciously draining your precious life force. Chireya is a channel for higher consciousness, receiving transmissions that aid in the healing and awakening of all those she works with. Her approach results in feeling spiritually and energetically liberated.I felt such a profound release it took a few days to integrate the energetic upgrade I received and the insight that ensued.Chireya’s guidance in spiritual growth and personal transformation will allow anyone with the willingness to explore their divine life path and align to their truth in this lifetime. If you feel inspired to walk your true path, allow Chireya’s expertise to move you into your own knowing and experience lasting fulfillment." ~ Tristan Montoya, Certified Integrative Coach, Master EFT Practitioner
"Chireya’s inspired work as a leader of the community, a visionary, a guide and her other roles, make her life a teaching through example. Her Book Unlocked Unleashed: The God Within You holds a potent message with relevant and timely teaching and guidance for humanity. I feel heart wisdom in these words as profound as ancient wisdom, and presented in a way that this wisdom can be used for effective transformation." ~ Nandhiji, Author, “Mastery of Consciousness”

"Chireya Laura Fox has helped me many times by helping me be more in tune with my inner divinity. I have made more conscious decisions by listening to my inner higher self which in turn has improved my life." ~ Mikael Angelo, Permaculturist

"Chireya is an old soul. She is connected to a depth of spiritual knowledge and understanding not gained by many in their terrestrial form, and is a wellspring of ancient gnosis and contemporary understanding of the soul’s journey. In a circle of healing, she helped me find my soul. She guided me to the lost aspects of my soul and I now feel a wholeness I had 

Shamanism in Colorado

Full Circle Foundation for Conscious Health
offers personalized individual and group retreats, trainings, workshops and seminars. We hold monthly Shamanist Journey evenings- usually the 3rd Tuesday of each month in Crestone. Our mission is to integrate International earth-based wisdom with cutting edge technology to support the individual and community as we move into conscious health, which is the sum total of body, mind and spirit alignment. Travel study programs to sacred sites are available.
Local and International outreach programs for research, information sharing and healing exchange are ongoing. The goal is to synthesize all information collected to enhance the Spiritual well-being for the highest good of all.
Full Circle - P.O. Box 477 Crestone, CO 81131
719 256-4923 >Naomi Lake, director -> Naomi@naomilake.com

Sacred Hoop Ministry

We are tucked away in the Rocky Mountains west of Colorado Springs. Our primary focus is to share and teach various aspects of Shamanism from around the world. We do not refer to ourselves as Shamans, as we were not born into an Indigenous Culture, nor were we appointed the role of the Shaman by the elders of any tribe. Therefore we are “Shamanic Practitioners” whose purpose is to preserve the teachings and healing modalities of the Shamanic Culture, as well as the teachings of our Native American Fore Fathers and the Ascended Masters.

Our teachings are based on Spiritualism and not Religion, so they should not interfere with any religious or spiritual beliefs that you many have. Nearly all cultures and structured societies have indigenous roots that date back to Shamanism. Our ministry is open to all who hear the calling of Spirit in their hearts whether it be to heal, learn, or teach others.

P.O. Box 193,
Woodland Park, CO. 80866 - 719.687.4335


Blue Deer Shamanic Healing at Fairy Glen Farm

At Fairy Glen Farm we offer a variety of Shamanic Training and Healing Circles which include Full and New Moon Shamanic Fire Ceremonies, Monthly Shamanic Healing Clinics, Various Workshops on Shamanic Practice, Group Breathwork and private healing sessions-both in person and remotely by phone.

Most of our work is done here at Fairy Glen Farm, a most sacred and healing piece of land on the outskirts of Boulder, CO. The land, with its lush organic vegetable and flower gardens provides important support and healing energy to help us learn about the Shamanic approach to Life.  Often we are visited by our animal totems such as the Eagle, Hawk and Owl, as well as our four legged allies.  We work with the Elements, our Spirit Guides & Teachers and the Sacred Fire. The deep healing that Pachamama supplies becomes a way of life.

Lisa Marshall
Fairy Glen Farm/BlueDeer Shamanic Healing
Boulder, CO



Team Widdop Launches 420 Directory

We have enjoyed hosting folks on mini vacations to Grand Junction at out Happy Hippie House where we often house the Traveling Shamans when they visit us in Colorado. To provide more services to our guests, we launched 420Friendly.Directory for western Colorado and eastern Utah. Grand Junction is the western gateway to Colorado where stressed folks come to relax and transition to the natural Rocky Mountain High for vacation.  

We make improvements to our property and our website regularly. We are also designing and refining our mini vacation experiences like shamanism, micro-dosing, collage, and cooking parties.  And of course, we still offer various individual services from some of our friends who are massage therapists, shamanic practitioners, a chef, and a singer songwriter. Another friend is opening a new house on airbnb, so we’ll have even more properties to house your group.

Sign up to receive news of upcoming events in Colorado at  HappyHippieHouse.com.

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Call for Volunteers

The Shamanic Arts Studio & The Traveling Shamans is seeking volunteers to help with a number of problems. If you have skills in any of the following areas and are willing to volunteer, please contact Julia. You will be given a patron…

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